What we do

We simply just focus on what we do best. We create and market unique brands, and then generate new customer leads for our clients. By doing this we give you the opportunity to the same – focus on what you do best.

Deeply rooted in digital performance marketing, we develop new financial brands who offers consumer loans, credit cards and refinancing across Europe in cooperation with reliable financing companies with a prime audience via our compliant and cross-browser conversion optimized brands.

By entering a corporation with Response Finance you will receive a fully supported service, where we will customize your product under a new brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate this product with us. We will then market your new brand and generate new customer leads for you.

It’s pretty simple and the above is just the quick introduction to our products and work methods. Here beneath you can read much more about how we work and what you can expect from us.

Market research & business model

Through our vast experience with the financial market and our unique approach to data-driven marketing, we know the value of starting every corporation with a thorough market- and competitor analysis.

This analysis is the foundation for our corporation and will seek to answer questions like:

  • How is the financial market today and in what direction is it moving?
  • Who is the biggest competitors and how are they performing?
  • With what kind of setup and new possible angles can we create a success with a new loan brand for you?

With this analysis in hand we are able to develop a unique business- and campaign model for you which then helps us to figure out what type of brand we will launch and how we will run a marketing campaign for this new and unique financial brand.

Brand & design development

In this part of the process we will start to build a design and a possible brand for you, which of course will be based on the previous market- & competitor analysis, and campaign model.

Our goal is the create something unique, which the market doesn’t offer today, and which therefore will give us an advantage compared to other loans on the market.

We will also complete a thorough and detailed marketing plan for you that will be strongly rooted in digital and data-driven approach. Here we begin to make agreements with our numerous partners and media channels, so we thereby ensuring maximum attention from the start of the campaign.

Our design team will also start to produce a numerous range of marketing material that will be tailored to the different channels and thereby ensuring maximum attention and quality traffic from the start.

Generate business

With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and with several major loan launches behind us, we have a huge knowledge and understanding about the importance of well-timed and well-executed brand launches.

We have a very strategic and analytical approach to our mediabuy. We are very data-driven and analyze on every single click and conversion, we generate. This approach alongside our extensive experience means that we already from the start has a very clear idea of where we can provide the highest possible quality of leads for you – while also knowing where we will get the highest ROI.

Since the beginning in 2010 we have worked with lead generation and with building conversion friendly landing pages and banners. Therefore, we also know how to obtain the highest possible volume of leads for you. Here we also use a variety of tools to analyze all traffic and conversion points and continuously improve our sites to convert the best possible – for all parties.

In both our graphic identity, our graphic material, our landing page and our choice of media channels, we will ensure security in the marketing of the new brand. There is no room for error, and after so many years in the industry we also know all the do’s and dont’s, and how to ensure you the highest possible brand safety.

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