What we do

Our vision is to focus on what we do best and enter into partnerships with the best within the financial sector. Deeply rooted in digital marketing, we provide consumer loans, credit cards and refinancing across Europe in cooperation with reliable financing companies with a prime audience via our compliant and cross-browser conversion optimized brands.

We make it easy for you to get in on the action by providing you with an intuitive, fully supported, out-of-the-box platform that enables you to launch a ready-made website built on a brand that’s unique to you.

We work with full transparency and sharing in order to optimize everything we can on each campaign. We have our own unique media buy strategy, which means that we can offer a complete solution for our customers, where we hit on all media platforms depending on which marketing strategy we choose. We cross all surfaces in order to optimize the quality, reputation and compliance.

We can provide your business the software to start your online loans business and offer you a full set up package including branding, communications, collections, score carding and everything else to get your online loans business moving.

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How we work

We are a young, dynamic team that thrives on innovation and doing things a little bit differently. This means our white label solutions projects are agile, intuitive and flexible, which produces amazing and reliable results for all our clients. We handle everything in-house including graphic design, programming, marketing and business development, which gives us a huge advantage when it comes to act and adapt quickly in a financial market, which is constantly evolving and changing.

We have just the right mix of skills, abilities and cooperation partners, which gives us a wide reach, and also enables us to target every market carefully. We have a very analytical approach to digital performance marketing which also has made us a preferred business partner for some of Europes biggest marketing agencies. We are used to working with big brands, and because of this we have specialized in working very targeted with our marketing, so we thus on a continuous level to ensure our customers the highest possible quality of leads and traffic.

In short, our white label solutions can help you utilize your business’s unique branding to offer a new product without investing in infrastructure or technology creation around the solution. The result: You can focus on building your own brand and selling your own services while simplifying the conversion path for your customers.

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Casper Christensen

Casper Christensen

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