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We are always looking for new and interesting publishers and medias, who can help us market our campaigns in every country. We will therefore invite you to join our Affiliate Program, where you can earn commission on every new customer initiated from your website. No cost, only commission.

We have launched several different financial campaigns in different countries and setups through the last couple of years and more is on the way. If you have any enquiries about our brands, please feel free to contact us. Currently we have active campaigns for the following brands:

Our brands

How to get started

We offer different and very attractive commission models for each of our brands, which is dependent on both the quantity and quality of your delivery. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our affiliate programs and how to get started on marketing each of them.

All brands can be published through anyone of our trusted partner networks and we can highly recommend all of them. You can see who we are working with here below. We have also linked directly to their signup pages, so you can sign up and start publishing!

FAQ about affiliate marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising that rewards website owners (publishers) for promoting e-commerce websites (advertisers). Response Finance operates several affiliate programs for each of our brands through Adservice, Adtraction, Digital Advisor, Netbooster, Smartresponse and Euroads.

    All administration, for example, commission payment, tracking, etc is done through the selected affiliate partner.

    Contact one of these networks to learn more on how to join and start publishing.

  • What kind of computer skills or technical ability is needed to be an affiliate?

    Affiliates will need to be somewhat familiar with HTML so that they can correctly copy and paste the links generated by the network and place them within a web page.

  • What is a publisher?

    A publisher is a site that promotes an advertiser’s products or services in exchange for commission should a lead be generated.

    A publisher may also be referred to as an associate, a partner or an affiliate

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of website an affiliate can operate?

    Yes, we do not for example accept websites that are pornographic or sites that promote illegal activity of any nature. We have the right to remove and delete any account or publisher associated with such content.

  • My site is not live yet – can I apply anyway?

    You can apply – however, we strongly recommend you upload a splash page or paragraph explaining what your site will feature and who you will target.

  • What is an advertiser?

    An advertiser is typically an e-commerce site that pays publisher sites commission for sending visitors who complete a transaction. In this case, Response Finance is an advertiser.

    An advertiser may also be referred to as a program, a client or a merchant

  • What is the difference between an advertiser and a publisher?

    The object of an affiliate scheme is to advertise an advertiser’s products or services on websites operated by affiliates. Sign up as an affiliate if you would like to place advertising on your site to earn extra revenue.


    As an affiliate, you can choose what sites you want to advertise to make sure they are relevant to your audience. Affiliates can sign up for free.

  • How do I become an affiliate?

    Just go to one of the networks and sign up. We have provided the networks with all relevant material to make you earn money on promoting us! Happy sales!

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Thomas Nortvig Christensen

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